Alan Holdsworth - Gas Lamp Blues

Alan holdsworth - The Fall

Alejandro Silva

 Black Iron

 El Lagarto

 El Llamado

 El Reto


 Lo Desconocido









 I Dont Care


 Last Hope



 Worlds Collide

Angus Young - Chase The Ace



 Brad Gillis - Stampede



Chris Impellitteri - 17Th Century Chicken Pickin´


Dire Straits

Brothers In Arms

Calling Elvis

Money For Nothing

 Romeo And Juliet

  So Far Away

 Sultans Of Swing

 Telegraph Road

 Tunnel Of Love

 Twisting By The Pool

 Walk Of Life

 Why Worry

 Your Laters Trick

David T Chastain - 18th Century Inamorata

Doug Aldrich - The Trudge



Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson - A Song For Life

 Eric Johnson - Beautiful Solo Guitar

Eric Johnson - Camels Night Out

Eric Johnson - Cliffs Of Dover



Gary Hoey

Animal Instinct

 Barn Burner

 Berts Lounge

 Big Cactus

 Bonzai Island


 Buta Brain

 Da Kine

 Deep South Cafe


 Drop In


 Fade To Blue

 Gone Surfin

 Hail To Dale

 Hocus Pocus

 If I Knew Then



 Mass Hysteria


 Motown Fever

 Only Human



 Reminds Me of You


 Smokin Up Sunshine

 Somethings Going On

 Texas Son


 Walk Away

 Youre Killing Me

 Zen Dep


George Lynch - Mr. Scary

Gus Drax - Hourglass


Jan Cyrka - Thump

Jason Becker - Altitudes

 Jason Becker - Mabels Fatal Fable

 Jason Becker - Valley Of Eternity

Joe Satriani - Speed Of Light

Joe Satriani - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Jerry Cantrell - Hurts Don´t It

Joe Perry - Mercy

Joe Satriani - Until We Say Goodbye

 Joey Tafolla - Nine Tomorrows

John Norum - Solitude

 John Petrucci

 John Petrucci - Acid Rain

 John Petrucci - As I Am

 John Petrucci - Damage Control

 John Petrucci - Endless Sacrifice

 John Petrucci - Glasgow Kiss  (Live Version)

 John Petrucci - Universal Mind

John Sykes - Cautionary Warning



 Jorge Salan - Risk

 Jose Rubio - In My Heart



Kenny Wayne Shepherd - A Little Bit More


 Lars Eric Mattsson - Chrome Kills


Miguel Angelo Batio


 Marty Friedman - Corazon De Santiago

 Marty Friedman - Forbidden City

Mathias Jabs Michael Schenker & Rudolf Schenker - Coast to Coast

 Michael Angelo Batio - I Do For You

 Michael Angelo Batio - No Boundaries

 Michael Angelo Batio - Science Fiction

 Michael Romeo - Eve Of Seduction

 Michael Romeo - Paradise Lost

 Michael Romeo - Set The World On Fire The Lie Of Lies

Michael Schenker - Open Gate

Mike Mccready - Brother

MSG - Ulcer


Paul Gilbert

 Paul Gilbert - Fuzz Universe

 Paul Gilbert - Hurry Up

 Paul Gilbert - Racer X - BRO

 Paul Gilbert - Racer X - Fire Of Rock

 Paul Gilbert - Racer x - Guitar Masters - Scarified  (2)

 Paul Gilbert - RacerX - Technical Difficulties (Metaldog)

 Paul Gilbert - The Curse Of Castle Dragon


 Rainbow - Difficult To Cure - Beethovens Ninth

Reb Beach - Black Magic

 Riccardo Vernaccini - Lost In Loneliness

Richie Sambora - Mr. Sambo



Slash - Instrumental Jam

 Stanley Jordan - Autumn Leaves

 Stanley Jordan - Impressions

 Stanley Jordan - Willow Weep For Me

 Steve Vai

 Steve Vai - Bad Horsie

 Steve Vai - Building The Church

 Steve Vai - For The Love Of God

 Steve Vai - Get The Hell Out Of Here

 Steve Vai - Greasy Kids Stuff

 Stevie Ray Vaughan

 Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride And Joy

 Stevie Ray Vaughn - Crossfire

 Stevie Ray Vaughn - Little Sister

 Stevie Ray Vaughn - Scuttle Buttin


Timo Tolkki

 Timo Tolkki - Black Diamond

 Timo Tolkki - Eagleheart

 Timo Tolkki - Holy Solos

 Timo Tolkki - Infinite - Phoenix

 Timo Tolkki - Speed Of Light

Timo Tolkki - Stratosphere

Tony Macalpine

Tony Macalpine - Edge Of Insanity

 Tony Macalpine - Sacred Wonder

 Tony Macalpine - The Raven

Tony Macalpine - The Sage

Tommy Vitaly


 Finally Free

 Fly High

 Just Me (Orchestral Version)

 Just Me


 Ready To Die

 Storm Of Fire

 The Fury

 The Raven Attack


 Vinnie Moore - Vicious Rumors - Invader

 Victor Smolski - Rage - Fugue n° 5

 Vinnie Moore - Lifeforce

 Vinnie Moore - Message In A Dream

Vivian Campbell - Disintegrate


 Whitecross - The Eternal Fire - Rex Carroll


 Yngwie J Malmsteen - Icarus Dream Suite (Op. 4)


Zakk Wylde - Farm Fiddlin





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